Documents to gather for your Newburgh bankruptcy attorney

The first step in filing for bankruptcy is preparing your bankruptcy petition and the schedules and other materials that must be filed with the petition. Your Newburgh bankruptcy lawyer will need you to gather a number of documents so that he or she can prepare your bankruptcy filing.It’s a good idea to begin to gather these documents now if you are even thinking about bankruptcy. The more organized you are, the more quickly your attorney can prepare your filing should you decide to proceed with bankruptcy. Below is a checklist that will help.

Checklist of documents to gather and copy in preparation for bankruptcy

Before you meet with your Newburgh bankruptcy attorney it is helpful to gather as many of these documents as possible. Make copies of all documents to protect yourself in the rare event that the documents are lost.

  • Pay stubs for yourself and your spouse, even if your spouse may not be filing for bankruptcy, for the preceding 6 months.
  • Records of other sources of income your household received in the preceding 6 months, such as gifts, sales of property, rent, and support.
  • Your tax returns for the preceding 3 years.
  • Your most recent bank statements.
  • Your most recent bills from every creditor.
  • Any divorce decree or court order requiring you to pay child or spousal support.
  • Any judgments entered against you or pending suits.
  • All correspondence between you and your creditors or collection agencies.
  • All your insurance policies, including home and auto.
  • Vehicle titles.
  • Your lease or mortgage.
  • Any other documents showing debts you owe others, such as promissory notes.
  • Any documents showing money owed to you.Your driver’s license and Social Security card or other proof of your Social Security number.

Your Newburgh bankruptcy attorney will also ask you to list all assets you currently have in your possession. If you have any doubt about whether you should list the asset, err on the side of including too much. You may also want to begin saving receipts for items you purchase.Failing to provide information regarding your financial situation can adversely affect your bankruptcy case. For example, you should not intentionally exclude information from the petition. If the bankruptcy court discovers that you have intentionally excluded information or hidden assets, the court may decide to dismiss your bankruptcy petition.  However, if you honestly forget to include an asset or debt, you can later amend the bankruptcy petition.

Get help with your bankruptcy filing

When you are having financial problems, time is of the utmost importance. Take the first step to gain control over your finances by contacting Newburgh bankruptcy lawyer as soon as you miss credit card payments or your business starts to fail. To arrange for a free consultation, complete the case submission form on this page, email us, or call us.

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